Socials: Friends of Ngala Autumn Sundowner, Ardross

Sharon Kais and Shelley Archer.
Sharon Kais and Shelley Archer.

FRIENDS of Ngala hosted an Autumn Sundowner in Ardross on Sunday with guests including president Shelley Archer, Keir-Louise Loader, Libby Youd and Denise Satterley.

Ngala Sundowner – Pictures: Matt Jelonek

Sarah Lloyd-Mostyn and Keir-Louise Loader.
Ruth Sutton, Jan Emery and Pam Hunt.
Rebbecca Valenti and Jenny Brown.
Nathan Mansfield and Phaerda Adamson.
Libby Youd and Denise Satterley.
Kaylene Bishop and Lisa Ammon.
Judy Van Ross and Nicolee Collica.
Judy Paioff and Linda Onesti.
Jacqui MacKinnon and Fiona Beermier.
Jacqueline Hughes and Paul Cameron.
Gay Westlake and Helen Court.
Dianne Hawkins and Dee Page.
Dearne Cant and Catherine Benoit.
Dale Goodbody and Ann Marie Chemello.
Anne and Brad Abbott.
Anna Russell and Crise Bilesouris.
Ann Mullins and Chrissy Calvert.

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