SOCIALS: Harry Perkins 21st cocktail party

Wayne Martin
Wayne Martin

The Harry Perkins Institute of Medical Research marked its 21st anniversary with a cocktail party celebrating its medical discoveries with more than 100 supporters.

Trevor Dunn and Peter Thompson
Sarah Paton and Peter Leedman
Ruth Ganss, Anne Picket, Marija Clark and Bevan Clark
Rose Packer, Tony Packer, Ric Charlesworth and Graham Hardie
Lindy Fitzgerald, John Fitzgerald and Kevin Pfleger
Karil Roxburgh, Jamie Prendiville and Nick Kirkbride
Janie Gilmore, Tammy Reddell and Tim Gooch
Ian Constable and Patricia Kailis
Di Beveridge, Tim Rodgers, Lisa Stuart and Anthony Stuart
Dawn Freshwater, Gaye Kessell, Gary Jensen and Nigel Laing
Brad Allen, Nicky Iffla and Imran Mohiuddin