Socials: Inglewood Fashion Show, Beaufort Night Markets

Tessa Lagan, Vince-Garreffa and Cr David Lagan.
Tessa Lagan, Vince-Garreffa and Cr David Lagan.

FASHION returned to the Inglewood on Beaufort Night Markets last week with CoCo Kingdom’s Melanie Andrew and make-up artist Billee Eames adding a fashion flavour to the food-focused markets.

Inglewood Fashion Show Pictures: Kelly Pilgrim-Byrne

Telia Johnston and Stacey Back.
Telisha Beattie.
Melanie Andrew.
Kelsey Skinner and In Ojo.
Maddison Powell, Vanessa Marie, Tammy Roberts and Diana Ciupe.
Samuel Delaney, Archie and Courtney Kemp.
Tianna Ronzitti and Doug Jenkins.
Georgie Powell and Ella Higgins.
Suki Yau and Zoe Ho.
Vanessa Marie.
Hayley Beardman.
Anna Papachristos and Annabelle Platell.
Vicki Papachristos and Hellene Platell.
Taz Hevayat and Simon Trinh.
Colin Button and Lorraine Vincent.
Sammy Talbot and Travis Stribley.
Jason Matz and Naomi Reed.
Vaughn Meyers and Holly Kerr.
Natalie Sullivan and Janine DiTorro.

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