Socials: Inglewood Night Markets

Lucina Jones, Montana Hall and Fiona Lindsay.
Lucina Jones, Montana Hall and Fiona Lindsay.

THE Inglewood Night Markets finished its 2017-18 season in style with a carnival party theme last week where a belly dancer and Samba dancers were among the entertainment.

Inglewood Night Markets – Pictures: Matt Jelonek

Alicia Cranwell and Jeremy Kirke.
Brianna Coleman and Annie Mackin.
Diane Defontaine and David Ward.
Isaac Randall and Rochelle Bacon.
Ivan Liando and Khia McDowall.
Jo and Mary Russell.
Kobe Strahan and Michael Jeffery.
Liz Howard and Paul Morrison.
Ngam Truong, Audrey Everard and Marnie Allen.
Renae Scott and Gareth Russell.
Roxanne, Morgan, Baby and Victoria Arrowsmith.
Sarah Gibbons and Paul Veljacich.
Simon Williams and Janet Roe.

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