SOCIALS: Legends of Sport help raise money for Ride for Youth

Celia Gardner, Mike Hussey and John Gardner
Celia Gardner, Mike Hussey and John Gardner

Citadel-MAGNUS hosted a Legends of Sports Lunch featuring speakers such as Adam Simpson and Mike Hussey on Friday to raise money for their Ride for Youth team.

Pictures: Matt Jelonek

Todd Pearson and Nigel Hunt
Simon Walsh and Simon Boxshall
Paul Stojanovic and Martin Harris
Michael Weir and Nyomi Horgan
Matt Hodgson and Gareth Parker
Jason Bontempo and Aaron Bester
Greg Bandy and Mark Davies
Gracjan Lambert and Tony King
Emma Hann and Sarah Fairweather
Craig Palmer and Mark Hann
Beth Harris and Paul Ryan
Ben Doolan and David Hann