The best 2019 April Fool’s Day jokes

The best 2019 April Fool’s Day jokes

APRIL Fool’s Day did not disappoint this year as companies around Australia brightened up our Monday morning. Here are some of our favourites.

Seagull breeding program

Radio station Coast FM announced a seagull breeding program for Mandurah.

The story said there had been a drop in seagull numbers in the coastal city and they needed to be boosted. 

Convertible Toyota Hilux

It’s every fashionable tradies dream – a convertible Hilux with a built-in pie oven.

No more lunch runs to the servo!

Silent VB can

VB’s silent can had a go at people who move into the inner city only to complain about noisy pubs.

Pepperoni thick shake

This is one product we could see ourselves enjoying! A candied pepperoni thickshake – it’s a shame it isn’t real.

Laerton Island

To figure out that this Jetstar post was an April Fool’s joke, all you have to do is spell Laerton backwards.

The full video is worth a watch.

NT News

Would the NT News even be worth reading if it wasn’t hilarious?

Well, they horrified fans this morning by announcing that they had chosen to end funny front pages.

Emu cider

Export fans rejoiced this morning when Liquor Barons announced they would be selling a bush apple cider.

Judging by the response it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start making a bush cider!


The fan response to McDonald’s post also suggests it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start selling the McPickle.

It’s a burger with no meat, just melted cheese sauce and pickles.