85-year-old Betty Windsor masters the iPad to find first home in Dowerin

The farmhouse in Dowerin where Betty Windsor grew up.
The farmhouse in Dowerin where Betty Windsor grew up.

WHEN 85-year-old Betty Windsor joined an iPad group in 2014, she knew very little about technology.

“I used to take photos of my family (on a camera) and it wasn’t convenient to get films developed so a friend suggested I come to the iPad group,” Mrs Windsor said.

The iPad group is a joint project between Chorus and Switched on Seniors (SoS) that was developed By Sheena Edwards in 2013 and encourages seniors and people with a disability to learn how to use small handheld smart devices like smartphones and iPads at their own pace.

Betty Windsor with her iPad

Two years ago, Mrs Windsor used her new skills to search Dowerin, the small town where she grew up, on Google Earth to find out what landmarks were still standing before she made a “sentimental journey” back there.

The road in Dowerin named after Betty’s late husband’s family

“I wanted to find out if particular roads were still there and I found the house where I grew up,” she said.

“I got photos from the trip on my iPad.”

Dowerin’s famous tin dog

She visited the farmhouse where she grew up, Windsor Road that is named after her late husband’s family and the town’s famous tin dog.

Mrs Windsor has recently been learning to crop photos for her daughter’s 60th birthday.

She still attends the group in Rockingham every Friday morning to learn more skills and socialise.

Chorus and SoS, which will be part of the Care and Ageing Expo at PCEC this weekend, has iPad groups in Subiaco, Carlisle and Rockingham.

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