Alleged stolen property found in search of West Perth apartment

Alleged stolen property found in search of West Perth apartment

WEMBLEY police found three pistols, two swords and three surfboards in a haul of allegedly stolen property at a West Perth apartment.

The items were from a spree of thefts mostly in western suburbs over the past six months.

“There is currently in excess of 150 items, but there may be more,” Sergeant Rachel Green said.

Current estimates place the haul’s value at about $35,000, but it could rise.

Police found the haul when they raided the Vincent Street, West Perth apartment on Wednesday.

A day later, they were still sorting out the items, which included power tools, a boogie board, stand-up paddles in addition to the weapons.

The discovery of allegedly stolen surf paddles, taken from a Mt Claremont home on November 9, led police to the haul.

It will be alleged the items were being sold to fuel the thief’s drug habit and provide other income for his family.

“It will be alleged most of the property came from a few burglaries, and most was from stealing from cars,” Sgt Green said.

The suspected crimes currently cover an area from Mt Claremont to Leederville, in addition to North and West Perth.

Sgt Green said it was suspected some of the allegedly stolen items could have come from the Armadale and Seville Grove areas.

The West Perth man (25) was charged with multiple burglary and stealing offences, possession of methamphetamine and possession of controlled weapons.

He appeared in Perth Magistrates Court yesterday.

Owners of the surfboards and paddles have already been found.

Stolen property claimants can call Wembley police on 9214 7100.