‘Angels’ invaluable at hospital

Ann Taylor, who has volunteered at PMH for 28 years.
Ann Taylor, who has volunteered at PMH for 28 years.

Mrs Taylor is a member of the volunteers committee and president of the Association for the Welfare of Children in Hospital.

The 83-year-old coordinates volunteers at the PMH outpatient clinic tea room and helps in the hospital’s ‘friendship room’.

She started as a volunteer following a tour of the hospital in 1988 and said she had faced “extremely difficult” environments.

“Although there have been numerous occasions of great sadness shared with grieving families, there have been many occasions in my 28 years where I shared in the amazing recovery of hundreds, probably thousands of children,” she said.

“For me, I am a Christian and when it was overwhelming I have to hand it over to God.

“I do the best I can while I’m there.”

Mrs Taylor, of Ardross, said it was important to realise she could not change what happened to people but she could offer a shoulder to cry on.

“The good thing about volunteering is you have the time to be there for people,” she said.

“One of the surgeons said to me, ‘you guys are angels and we cannot give what you people give’, and yet we know staff do.

Mrs Taylor said the biggest change she had seen in her time was the expansion in what volunteers did.

“The requirements for starting new volunteers have changed but otherwise people are still pretty well the same,” she said.