Artist draws inspiration from kids

The North Cottesloe Primary School student said she and her friends at youth organisation Millennium Kids were looking forward to working with Nedlands artist Rowena Keall Walsh for their Discovering Our River forum next month.

The Millennium Kids student team, Swan River Trust and Environment Resources Management Foundation will host two-day workshops at Point Walter in Bicton on June 4 and 5 and June 22 and 23.

Year 5 to 8 students will work with scientists, artists, poets, river care professionals and international students from Indonesia and Malaysia.

�The hardest part so far has been deciding how to make it interesting and getting kids to interact and come up with ways to help the environment,� Bonnie said.

�Before I was in Millennium Kids I was just doing random stuff, but now I get to really focus on bigger things.�

Ms Walsh said working with children made her feel inspired in her own art.

�Kids don�t have any inhibitions when it comes to art, they are very free and open,� she said.

�Often I come back from doing kids workshops and think: �Oh I need to relax more, I need to loosen up�.

�My work is all about conservation in the urban environment, looking after our rivers and parks and keeping our natural reserves healthy.�

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