Backlash at email proposal

A MOTION that would require councillors to provide copies of their personal emails was withdrawn before the Town of Cambridge council meeting on December 15.

Mayor Keri Shannon withdrew her motion after councillors expressed concerns about its implications.

The motion would have requested that all elected members provide a complete copy of all email communication from their private email accounts that relate to the discharge of their duties as elected members.

“There was some concern raised by elected members,” Ms Shannon said.

“I will take it to an elected members forum.

“That’s the conversation we have to have; I’m concerned with how emails are dealt with.”

In the mayor’s motion, she said the records created or received by the elected members relating to council business were government records and must form part of the corporate memory and may form part of the State archive.

“At present, the Town has set up an automatic forward on all emails to elected members using the @cambridge email address to their private email addresses,” the motion said.

“The Town has failed to capture these emails or any subsequent communications resulting from those emails, which relate to the Town’s business.

“At present, no elected members past or present has forwarded relevant emails from their private account to the Town for archive.”