Barnett Govt was monitoring Town of Cambridge after concerns raised

THE Town of Cambridge was being monitored by the Liberal Government’s Department of Local Government and Communities since at least February after “concerns” were raised over an undisclosed “situation”.

A letter addressed to a Town of Cambridge resident dated February 9 from Churchlands MLA Sean L’Estrange confirmed contact from former Local Government Minister Paul Miles that the Department was keeping its eye on the Town.

“I have recently received a response from the Minister who advises that the Town is subject to ongoing and close monitoring by the Department of Local Government,” Mr L’Estrange wrote.

He wrote that the Minister advised the work was “wide-ranging and necessarily protracted to the time it takes, the evidence being gathered and the methods used”.

Before the March 11 State Election, a Department spokeswoman confirmed concerns had been raised about the Town but remained tight-lipped on details.

“The Department of Local Government and Communities is aware of concerns in relation to the Town of Cambridge and is continuing to monitor the situation,” she said.

When asked what the “situation” was and how long it had been monitoring the Town, the spokeswoman declined to comment further.

Cambridge chief executive Jason Buckley said he was unaware the Town was being monitored.

“No formal advice has been received from the Department of Local Government in relation to monitoring of the Town,” he said.

“If it did occur we would co-operate by providing any information required by the Department.”