Town of Claremont’��s Gift and Travel Contributions

SUBIACO councillors last month amended a motion calling on elected members to disclose gifts and travel online by erasing any mention of the City of Perth Bill.

“I don’t want to give the Bill any credence at all,” Cr Scott Arbuckle said.

Cr Lynley Hewett’s original elected member’s motion directed chief executive Don Burnett to implement changes to the disclosure of gifts and travel contributions “as proposed in the City of Perth Bill”.

“The words I used were from the Town of Claremont’s approved motion and they didn’t seem to have a problem with it,” Cr Hewett said.

But Cr Murray Rowe amended the wording to “as defined by the Local Government Act 1995”, and the substantive motion was carried 8-3.

“This gets it out of the way and then it’s our initiative,” Cr Rowe said.

Cr Malcolm Mummery said the online register seemed like “flawed logic”.

“I think it was put up by the Vincent Mayor (at the Local Government Association general meeting in August) for political reasons,” he said.

Cr Mark Burns said he agreed that if a councillor were to hide a gift, then connection to the internet would not stop them.