Board set to assess

Chair Mel Congerton said the submissions made by 19 local governments would be assessed on their merits and a broad range of issues including finance, demographics and transportation.

‘It’s not just predicated on one thing. The board looks at a whole raft of issues,’ he said.

‘We are a long, long way away yet from delivering any form of comments to the proposals.’

Mr Congerton said the board would consider all the submissions, including the Town of Cambridge’s historical submission to create three western suburbs councils, which the Town submitted before the State Government’s July announcement of planned boundary changes.

The Town’s most recent submission proposed merging with the City of Subiaco and the creation of two councils in the western suburbs.

Cambridge Mayor Simon Withers said the council would be happy if either of its submissions were accepted by the board, but it did not support the Government’s proposal to create a single western suburbs council.

The advisory board is expected to deliver its recommendation to the local government minister by the middle of next year.