Border conflict

Premier Colin Barnett said the expanded city, which would also include part of Leederville and Crown Perth, would create a state capital worthy of an Asia-based future for WA.

But western suburbs mayors responded with anger and resignation to a report their seven councils would be merged into a ‘G7’.

‘If the leaks are right, then a G7 is totally unacceptable to Mosman Park and we would immediately investigate legal action to oppose it and pursue the Premier over his duplicity at the March state election when he said there would be no forced mergers, and what power the Government has to make these changes,’ Mosman Park Mayor Ron Norris said.

Claremont Mayor Jock Barker had Mr Barnett’s support for a smaller G4, alongside expanded Cambridge and Subiaco councils.

‘I’m not sure it’s all over and it’s still possible we could negotiate a G4,’ he said.

Cottesloe Mayor Kevin Morgan campaigned for a G7 at his election and said he would now support what was announced at the briefing to prevent ‘fracturing’ his community.

‘I don’t think the loss of the hospital and university will make all that much difference as they don’t pay rates anyway,’ Nedlands Mayor Max Hipkins said.

Subiaco never supported a G7 and Mayor Heather Henderson indicated her council would back residents near the hospital and UWA who feared unsympathetic development and a lack of services from a larger City of Perth.

Cambridge Mayor Simon Withers said he did not think councils would be able to make changes to the new boundaries.

Perth Lord Mayor Lisa Scaffidi said the hospital and university were critical to her new council.

The City of Vincent will hold a special meeting about its proposed split tonight.