Browne now deputy mayor of Claremont

CLAREMONT councillors elected Peter Browne as deputy mayor last week.

A Claremont councillor of four years, Cr Browne said having been a director-general, he felt he had something to contribute to local government.

“It’s a great honour to be deputy mayor,” he said.

“The Claremont council has got a very fine reputation in local government and that is largely attributable to the mayor, the CEO and the councillors we have.”

Cr Browne paid tribute to former deputy mayor Bruce Haynes for his service to council.

“I believe the position should be rotated so as to ensure a continual renewal and I would be happy to hand over to someone else when the time comes,” he said.

Representing the East ward alongside Cr Alastair Tulloch, new councillor Kate Main was sworn in at a meeting last Tuesday.

Cr Main said she was lucky to join a council that functioned so well.

“I am keen to engage with the community about traffic and parking, as developments in the area add to resident numbers, I hope that initiatives can be in place to mitigate congestion ahead of time and I think that encouraging walking, public transport and bikes should be of a high priority as well as liaison with schools in the area,” she said.