Call to stand down petition against bar

Last month, Mr Payne (20) organised an online petition to counter Broadway residents’ complaints.

The petition, which has more than 495 signatories, asked the City of Subiaco to stand down from lobbying a 39-person residential petition that Varsity Bar reduce its opening hours, control inappropriate noise and pay for damage caused by patrons.

‘Varsity Bar has done everything they can to mitigate and reduce noise and anti-social behaviour inside and surrounding Broadway,’ Mr Payne said.

‘I have not seen any constructive response from the City, such as setting up community patrols in the area.

‘Common sense solutions are more effective than nanny-state hysteria.’

Mr Payne said the wishes of Varsity Bar patrons were just as legitimate as residents’ and he would look into presenting the City with his petition.

Subiaco chief executive Stephen Tindale said the City was previously unaware of the UWA petition.

‘If a petition was to be formally submitted to the City following the relevant protocols, it would be considered as per council’s standard procedures,’ he said.

Varsity Bar manager Matt Pound said no staff members were involved with the petition, but they appreciated the support.