Cam bags diplomacy award

Cameron Bunney hopes to work in diplomacy.
Cameron Bunney hopes to work in diplomacy.

The 15-year-old recently attended the UN’s Youth National Conference where he represented Iran on the Human Rights Council and debated topics such as torture and freedom of religion.

Cameron was awarded the Henrietta Smith Award for Excellence in Negotiation and Diplomacy at the council and chosen to be part of the Australian delegation to the Hague model UN in January.

‘I’m looking forward to having an experience unlike any I’ve ever had before and the ability to talk to people who are from completely different cultures to those found in Australia, and be able to see how they would like to enact change in the world,’ Cameron said.

‘I understand that I’m lucky to be born into a society that is free from war, disease and abject poverty, so I think it’s important for those of us who are more fortunate to fight for and protect the rights of those who are unable to due to all manner of circumstances.’

Cameron said he hoped to work in diplomacy and looked up to Mahatma Gandhi for his non-violent approach to achieving India’s independence from the British Empire.