Cambridge Coastcare on a mission to protect sand dunes

Cambridge Coastcare volunteers  Ivo Davies, John Campbell and Jo Wagner. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d482622
Cambridge Coastcare volunteers Ivo Davies, John Campbell and Jo Wagner. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d482622

CAMBRIDGE Coastcare is rallying locals to protect sand dunes.

The group has planted close to half a million plants since 1998, providing a natural defence against the hazards of sand drift, intrusion of waves, wind and salt spray.

About 50 families are on the list of helpers, with a core group driving the action and support from the Town of Cambridge, Coastwest and more.

Chair Ivo Davies was one of the inaugural members; before he moved to the area, he worked as a farmer south of Wyalkatchem.

“If we don’t do something about (the dunes), the sand will be across the highway in a couple of years,” he said.

“People get off the tracks; as soon as they get there, it breaks the dunes up and the wind gets the sand.”

Secretary John Campbell has been involved for 10 years and joined up after seeing the impact on his local beaches.

“I live close by, I saw the work they were doing and the need for it,” he said.

“Nobody else is doing an awful lot. If we don’t do it, no one will.”

Floreat Dog Beach. Cambridge Coastcare work helps stabilise the dunes for years to come, and they’re looking for more volunteers for projects in 2018. Picture: Andrew Ritchie d482622

Seeing the impact on her coastal backyard was the motivation for committee member Jo Wagner to start the Challenger Dune Group with her neighbours.

“A group of residents kept looking at the dunes and thought we could take some responsibility; it’s quite nice to put something back into it,” she said.

The project will see 2000 new seedlings planted after the removal of acacias to increase biodiversity in the area.

“Anyone can get involved in weeding and planting with the site, you just turn up and don’t need to register,” Ms Wagner said.

“It’s a couple of hours to chat with your neighbours; experience is never required.”

The City Beach Challenger dune project is just one of the works in the pipeline for Cambridge Coastcare this year; Floreat’s coastal Path 16 will see 1200 plants from the Town of Cambridge planted once the wet weather arrives, and the group is looking to undertake aerial dune monitoring and new fencing near Floreat Dog Beach.

To get involved and find out more, visit or

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