Cambridge plans to press ahead

At last week’s meeting, the council voted 8:1 to approve a supplementary submission for the Local Government Advisory Board (LGAB) detailing the wards, council member representation and method of election for the mayor for its desired amalgamation plan to merge with Subiaco. Cambridge chief executive Jason Buckley said the Town’s original proposal to the LGAB lacked details about wards and councillor numbers so it did not complicate the proposal, but now the board was asking for additional feedback.

When councillor Rod Bradley asked whether it was inevitable that the discussed details would just be debated again by the new council, Mr Withers quoted the hit political show West Wing to say, ‘decisions are made by those who show up, we have no choice but to make decisions without Subiaco’.

The council recommends the LGAB merge Subiaco and Cambridge to form four wards with two councillors each.

Subiaco Mayor Heather Henderson has repeatedly stated the council’s primary position is to remain independent.

The LGAB is expected to make its recommendation by next month.