Christmas window installations light up Rokeby Road vacant properties

One of the four Christmas window installations along Rokeby Road.
One of the four Christmas window installations along Rokeby Road.

THE spirit of Christmas has well and truly arrived in Subiaco with the advent of four Christmas window installations along Rokeby Road.

See Subiaco worked with local landlords to activate four vacant properties on the Rokeby Road and Hay Street retail strips, as part of the city’s Christmas campaign.

A collection of Christmas windows were created by six Western Australian artists, including Jacq Chorlton and Amy Perejuan-Capone.

The windows are themed ‘Twas the night before Christmas’, and join other decorations in the town centre, including a 15m tall walk-through Christmas tree at Forrest Walk.

Mayor Penny Taylor said the city had a hard time finding vacant properties for the installation.

“There were only six empty spaces from a total of 112 retail premises on Rokeby Road between Roberts and Bagot roads, which is a promising sign for the new year,” she said.

“It’s pleasing to see the lift in business and property confidence in Subiaco. Council has been working hard to address this, with free weekend and evening parking and range of business support initiatives.

“We are also seeing landlords working together with business operators to create an environment that is more conducive to a win-win for all.”

Subiaco’s Christmas journey starts at Bagot Road and travels down past Hay Street and back.