City fight to keep Dadour

‘We would do it on our own, but I think it would be very powerful if the other six councils go down that line,’ Subiaco Mayor Heather Henderson said.

Former Subiaco MLA Tom Dadour introduced the provision to the Local Government Act in 1974, but opponents of the Government’s mergers are aware of potential disquiet among Liberal MPs about voter backlash if resident-initiated polls are removed.

‘We’ll tell everyone about Dadour as it would be a huge change to the democracy of our society,’ Mrs Henderson said.

Premier Colin Barnett has said only minor changes would be made to the proposed borders, but after protests from residents he said the City of Vincent may be able to join a new City of Perth last week.

‘I think he’s softened that line with Vincent and indicated the Government would consider more significant changes (to proposed borders) than they had in the past,’ Mrs Henderson said.

Cambridge Mayor Simon Withers said his council had had a positive reaction from residents about joining Subiaco after his council agreed to enter talks with the neighbouring city for an alternative to the G7 council group.