City of Nedlands taking back its power

THE City of Nedlands will write to new Energy Minister Ben Wyatt to seek changes to the State Underground Power Program (SUPP) selection criteria.

The meeting with Mr Wyatt will also be sought to discuss establishing a “customer design and construct” status for the City’s underground power projects.

At last week’s council meeting, Nedlands also resolved to ensure underground power in Hollywood would be prioritised if other approved projects were cancelled.

Mayor Max Hipkins said there would be further exploration of the opportunity to own and manage the street light network and prepare a business case for council to consider.

“There will also be a requirement for the Hollywood Underground Power Project to include LED lighting and smart control systems,” he said.

“Subject to receipt of the detailed design estimate – plus or minus 10 per cent – and council endorsement of the financial model, a second consultation process will take place.

“It will seek a yes-no answer to support for the project, based on the individual landowner’s contribution, as established from the design estimate.”

Mr Hipkins said recent consultation innovations, such as the Your Voice section of the City’s website, contributed significantly to the decision-making process.

“In the past, some people have not been clear on how and where to comment and how their input has been used, but this new website feature has allowed them to see how the consultative process works from beginning to end,” he said.