City of Subiaco agrees to save 23 trees during Subiaco Oval development

City of Subiaco agrees to save 23 trees during Subiaco Oval development

TWENTY-THREE trees are set to be preserved during development in the Subiaco Oval precinct.

Subiaco council passed a motion at last week’s council meeting to adopt a tree preservation order over six Hills weeping figs, 10 maritime pines, three Aleppo pines and four sugar gums.

Resident Linda Rogers spoke of the trees’ history, advocating for 26 in total.

She was joined by Barry Rubie and Wendy Atherton in making statements.

“The vista from these trees is magnificent; they’re a gift of nature and we should look after them,” Mr Rubie said.

The motion was moved by Councillor Derek Nash and seconded by Cr Jodi Mansfield.

“I acknowledge the support from the public gallery earlier; this is an issue close to my heart, and has been for most of my life,” Cr Nash said.

Cr Peter McAllister moved an amendment, seconded by Cr Judith Gedero, to remove three trees from the motion.

“We know three won’t be protected because of the school design,” he said.

“It’s superfluous to try and add those three trees in the order; I think it’s wrong when we know what’s happening there to put in something that will be overridden by the MRA or the Education Department.”

The amendment was accepted 7-3.

Another amendment was added by Cr Stephanie Stroud, seconded by Cr Hugh Richardson, which included a consideration for naming something at the new school after local horticulturalist A.E. Bruce.

The motion was carried 9-1.

Mayor Penny Taylor said she was happy to see so many trees on a preservation order, and that the Education Department would also be planting another 37 trees on the site.

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