City prepared for ‘punch’

Mayor Max Hipkins said the motion was in response to German supermarket chain Aldi purchasing the Captain Stirling Shopping Centre last month.

Council rejected Woolworths� second application to rezone and redevelop the surrounding site in December 2014.

�(In considering development applications) the Development Assessment Panel is required to take consideration of the council�s planning framework,� Mr Hipkins said.

�We have a big part to play in informing the parameters of what can occur on this site.�

Councillor Ian Argyle said the City should save its money and defer the motion for three months.

�This property is all in private ownership, and they (Woolworths and Aldi) are very good at their jobs,� Cr Argyle said.

�Let�s wait until someone else makes the first move.

�We are here to defend the community. If we do this now, it will be a legal picnic.�

Cr Bill Hassell said that if Council did not approve the motion, it would be �rolled over� by the State Government.

�I would be prepared to bet money that Woolworths have already gone to the Planning Minister (for a scheme amendment),� Cr Hassell said.

�If we move on this item as fast as we can, we might just be ready in time.

�We need to take the risk that we might get punched in the chin, because that is our job: to lead the community.�