Subiaco council has made alfresco licences cheaper and more streamlined

The City of Subiaco has bought a Kewdale property
The City of Subiaco has bought a Kewdale property

CHEAPER and more accessible short-term alfresco and street trading licences are now available for Subiaco businesses over the festive period.

The new licences will only cost the initial application fee of $25 and are valid from December 1, 2014 to January 31, 2015.

The City of Subiaco has also introduced a reduced-cost trial alfresco period licence and lower fees for all street trading and alfresco dining.

Subiaco chief executive Stephen Tindale said the new permits were part of a strategy to stimulate more vibrancy in the City’s town centre and allow more trading flexibility.

‘We are hoping the significant reductions in application and licence fees, plus the more streamlined application process, will encourage more businesses to take up the option of alfresco or street trading on the footpaths outside their premises,’ he said.

The City has also changed the method used to calculate alfresco dining fees from per chair cost to chair per square metre. Complete and compliant permit applications received by 5pm on November 14 are guaranteed to be processed.