Claremont Joins Gift Register Move

CLAREMONT Council is the latest local government to bring in transparency measures after councillors agreed to post an online gift register.

Mayor Jock Barker put forward a notice of motion to immediately establish an online gift and travel register ahead of a December 15 meeting.

Mr Barker said he wanted Claremont to show leadership by immediately implementing the gift register despite a possible move by the State Government to enforce the registers from July 1, 2016.

“The State Government in its reaction to shortcomings of the Lord Mayor and others at City of Perth has taken the predictable approach of tarring all elected members with the same brush,” he said.

“I am not surprised by this, just disappointed at how boringly predictable it is.

“In a way it is fitting that the City of Perth Act is amended because it is Perth’s behaviours that brought the issue to light.”

Cr Jill Goetze moved the item, seconded by Cr Peter Edwards.

“It’s a very wise move that we come up to date with technology, although the register does exist in written form,” Cr Edwards said.

Chief executive Stephen Goode said there had been three entries of gifts by two councillors since 2011.

“The change about declaring travel contributions is a significant change, that is, they will now be required to be declared within 10 days of being accepted,” he said.

“The proposal to create an online register is not considered a major resource issue and can be arranged relatively quickly.”

Mr Goode said councillors who accepted gifts would be required to alert the chief executive.