Claremont: man arrested, charged after break-in at flat owned by former mayor

Mr Weygers (left) looks on as police talk to witnesses. Picture: Jon Bassett
Mr Weygers (left) looks on as police talk to witnesses. Picture: Jon Bassett

POLICE arrested a man for alleged burglary and trespass at a Stirling Highway, Claremont rental flat owned by former Claremont mayor Peter Weygers about 3.10pm yesterday.

“I got a call from the flat’s neighbour, and he rang back saying ‘they’re shouting and arguing on the balcony, and going in and out of your flat’,” Mr Weygers told the Western Suburbs Weekly.

The neighbour told Mr Weygers two men were throwing things from the balcony to a car in the carpark below.

Mr Weygers said the flat was rented to long-term UWA students from China, who were later found to have been in the Perth CBD at the time of the alleged crime.

He said an unknown man had “bashed” on the door on another flat, but ran when the door was opened, about 8am yesterday.

After getting the neighbour’s call, Mr Weygers called police immediately, before he and his wife went to the property, which was attended by a mobile patrol from Perth.

Constable Mike Fine arrested a Fremantle man (34) at the flaton suspicion of trespass and burglary.

However, there was no sighting of the second man reported to have been on the balcony.

Police searched the parked car, which allegedly contained some small items from the students’ flat.

This morning, the man was charged with burglary and stealing, and he will be summonsed to Perth Magistrates Court on April 19.

Police said it was believed the man was under the influence of an illegal substance at the time of the alleged crime, and he has been taken to Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital for treatment.