Claremont on front foot on reform

While the Town has expressed its preference to merge with Cottesloe, Mosman Park and Peppermint Grove in the past, it is the first council to submit a proposal to the LGAB since G4 leaders met with new Local Government Minister Tony Simpson on May 28.

The formal submission involves the four western suburbs councils amalgamating and taking Mt Claremont from Nedlands, part of Swanbourne from Cambridge, which would gain part of the City of Stirling and Nedlands, and a small portion of Subiaco.

The remainder of Nedlands would be swallowed up by Subiaco, which would also acquire some of Cambridge.

There is an option to transfer Dalkeith from Subiaco to the G4.

Claremont chief executive Stephen Goode said at last Tuesday’s council meeting that some other councils thought the State Government should ‘sort out the western suburbs first’ before addressing other councils.

A spokesman for Local Government Minister Tony Simpson said with seven of the 30 metropolitan councils in the western suburbs, it was clearly an important focus for reform.

Yesterday, Mr Simpson said he was aware councils may put proposals to the LGAB before he announces the State Government’s model, but he regarded the bids as premature because there may not be funds for mergers that don’t fit with the Government’s plan.

Subiaco Mayor Heather Henderson said her City and the community believed the council should remain independent, but may consider supporting three western suburbs councils based on an enlarged Subiaco, Claremont and Cambridge.

‘At this point in time, a decision is not required of council or the community, but once the Government has released the detail of its proposals and timelines, the council will act and it will act decisively,’ Mrs Henderson said.

About 20 G4 councillors will attend Mosman Park Mayor Ron Norris’ June 19 forum at The Grove library to discuss Mr Simpson meeting with all councils about reform last month.

Mosman Park and Peppermint Grove councillors will discuss Claremont’s new border proposal at committees before their councils’ meetings this month.