Club seeks compensation

The council will consider the Wests Scarborough Rugby Union Club’s request for $750,000 to build clubrooms on their new Doubleview grounds tonight.

Inaugural Rosalie Sporting Association president and life member of the club Pat Ellis said the club was ‘squeezed out’ of its home of more than 60 years because of growth pressure from other sporting groups.

‘In order for the club to survive we had to find alternative grounds which we have done in Bennett Park,’ he said.

‘We need two dedicated fields for our teams to play their competition matches on and to train on.

‘The designated rugby grounds were taken over by soccer and as a consequence, it made it impossible for us to operate on Rosalie Park.’

He said what ‘really tipped the scales’ for the side ” then known as the Wests Subiaco Rugby Union Club ” was when they lost exclusive use of the Rosalie Park on Saturdays.

The club wanted the City to consider their $750,000 request, which they estimated would help replicate their previous conditions.

‘We were primarily responsible for building the clubrooms (at Rosalie Park) ” we put in $30,000 back in 1991 to try and get the thing kick-started,’ Mr Ellis said.

‘It would be nice if we could get some assistance from the City of Subiaco to facilitate our move’