Colonel offering a very KFC wedding

Colonel offering a very KFC wedding

FANCY weaving in the 11 secret herbs and spices into your wedding vows?

Everyone’s favourite fried chicken purveyor is offering lucky couples the chance to have a KFC wedding.

Precisely what that means is anyone’s guess, as details on the company’s website are a little light on.

“This once in a lifetime KFC experience comes complete with freshly cooked Kentucky Fried Chicken, decorations, a KFC themed celebrant and a photo booth to help capture all those finger lickin’ good memories,” the company said.

Okay then.

The competition applies for those planning on getting hitched before May 2020.

Frankly, the whole thing smacks of a shameless cry for promotion, a bellow in the dark, a desperate plea for coverage.

Well, mission accomplished.

But KFC and weddings may be the perfect fit – both often end in regret.