Company seeks indigenous arts leaders

According to the Subiaco-based group�s artistic director Kyle Morrison, there is a shortage in the areas of producing, directing, technical, production and project management.

He said it needed to be addressed for Aboriginal theatre to continue into future generations.

�One of the interesting things about Aboriginal theatre especially in this state is it�s kind of been through a couple of peak periods but then there hasn�t been that sustainability or longevity, which enabled us to keep it going,� he said.

�I made it a bit of a priority to make sure that the next generation of theatre artists have the capacity, skills, aspirations and ambitions to achieve in the industry and carry it on.�

Last month, Yirra Yaakin launched a crowd funding and donation campaign to grow and develop the next generation of indigenous directors and producers.

Funds raised will support selected professional trainees Shakara Walley and Ian Wilkes in a 12-month program of professional development at Yirra Yaakin.

�Our current resources are stretched to the limit as we struggle to maintain our core programs,� Mr Morrison said.

�We are reaching out to the community and asking them to join us in supporting Shakara and Ian so they have the opportunity to achieve at the highest level.�

Ms Walley, who co-ordinated the indigenous segment of the Giants production earlier this year, said she hoped to get funding and make a difference to the industry.

�It would mean a lot, especially in this industry because there aren�t many indigenous producers.�

To donate visit kickagoal.