Cottesloe beach pub fight spills on to the street

A COTTESLOE beachside restaurant operator had to shut up shop and had her 4WD windscreen smashed after fighting Ocean Beach Hotel patrons spilled into adjacent Eric Street yesterday.

“They were very drunk people, and I closed my windows and shop,” Ocean Spice Thai owner Marie Grace told the Western Suburbs Weekly this morning.

Police said there were several incidents on Eric Street between 5.30pm and 6pm.

Ms Grace said she saw three or four men aged 20 to 30 being told by security staff “go, we’re calling the police now”, before officers arrived about 6.20pm.

She said no ambulances attended.

She said nearby businesses found it difficult to trade because of drunkenness and long queues to the hotel on Sundays.

A police spokeswoman said several men who were told to leave the hotel became involved in a disturbance, during which one struck a car with his fist and broke its rear window.

He had dark hair and wore an open white shirt, black shorts and dark shoes, and continued to act aggressively when he left the area.

The hotel declined to comment.