Council: Cambridge mayor addresses leaked investigation report

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CAMBRIDGE mayor Keri Shannon says the Town is disappointed its investigation report was leaked before related employee issues were resolved.

Councillors considered the final report from Hall & Wilcox Lawyers at a special meeting on June 14.

Ms Shannon released a statement on the matter on Friday .

“The Town is disappointed that a copy of the investigation report, which is confidential and legally privileged, has been provided without authorisation to the media before the council had the opportunity to consider the report and before the Town has been able to put the report to relevant parties for response,” she said.

Councillors voted not to release the report until all employee matters were addressed.

The investigation was sparked by concerns from members of the public and councillors in December 2017 regarding the Town’s application of reduced setbacks.

After advice in January 2018, councillors passed a motion to engage independent lawyers to investigate issues of potential legal non-compliance.

This investigation was widened on April 9 to consider the validity of other delegations of authority, with the final report received on June 6.

The Town is currently the subject of an inquiry by the Department of Local Government as a result of ongoing monitoring and the decision to suspend previous chief executive Jason Buckley.