Council headed for showdown

Town of Cambridge Mayor Simon Withers has previously called the amendment to the Town Planning Scheme one of the biggest changes in the council�s 20-year history.

Councillors will debate the change and then send their recommendation to the Planning Department for consideration by the Planning Minister.

At last Tuesday�s council meeting, several residents and Cr Rod Bradley requested that the decision be deferred until after the local government elections in October.

Cr Bradley said he would be voting to support the lifestyle of the coast ward and encouraged other councillors to do the same. However, his motion was defeated.

Floreat resident Catherine Wilkinson asked why the council had pushed to decide the fate of the amendment this week.

Mr Withers responded that no new information or objections had been received in the past two months.

He said the council was considering adopting a bedroom restriction on the new types of dwellings in response to some of the community feedback.

�But I don�t believe there will be a massive stampede of people buying (the new dwellings),� Mr Withers said.

Floreat resident Sharon Goodchild described the process as a �Clayton�s consultation� and claimed it was the type of consultation a council would do if it wasn�t interested in the responses.

More than 2000 signatures were collected on a petition opposing the amendment.

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