The Town of Cambridge hopes to install a shared cycle and pedestrian path

Cambridge is looking to install a new cycle path.
Cambridge is looking to install a new cycle path.

THE Town of Cambridge will apply for a grant of $100,000 to install a three-metre wide shared cycle and pedestrian path on Selby Street.

At its council meeting last month, council agreed to apply for funding for the path, which would cost $200,000 to complete but the councillors did not agree where the path should go.

A report will be prepared by the Town’s administration on whether there is a more suitable route for the Selby Street shared path than the proposed location between Boulevard and Grantham Street.

Councillor Tracy King said the bike plan for Selby Street was old but the community was pushing for it.

‘The community are asking for greater connections,’ she said.

‘If we can get a grant for it, then I’m supportive of making that happen. We already have some infrastructure and we can improve on that.’

Cr Corinne MacRae said the proposed location was the best option for the bike path.

‘We have to think beyond what happens in this small stretch of the Town of Cambridge,’ she said.

‘There’s a bigger picture here. We do have to consider the safety of cyclists.’

Mayor Simon Withers said there was an urgent need for the path.

‘Selby is particularly unsafe street to ride on,’ Mr Withers said.

‘We should apply for the grant and in that period look at different plans.’

The council will also apply for a grant of $25,000 to help fund the design and installation of end-of- trip facilities for bicycle riders at Southport Street, Leederville Train Station and Railway Parade at West Leederville Train Station.