Claremont councillors argue over bike project

CLAREMONT councillors debated over cycling infrastructure for almost an hour at a council meeting last week after concerns were expressed over ⿿incompetent⿝ plans and potential safety issues.

A motion to submit a $250,000 shared path project to the State Government for funding approval caused some disagreement among councillors, particularly about potential bike paths on Bindaring Parade and Graylands Road east.

Cr Bruce Haynes said it was “blindingly obvious” the Perth Bike Network’s plans were incompetent.

“The plans appeared to have been included because they were in a previous proposal council didn’t accept and there was a good reason for that,” he said.

The path on Graylands Road came to a narrow point and a blind corner, making it unnavigable for cyclists.

Despite some opposition, the council supported grant submissions for Bindaring Parade north from Osborne Parade to the Esplanade, on Graylands Road from Alfred Road to Shenton Road and on Stirling Highway south for missing links from Bay Road to Goldsworthy Road and Bay View Terrace to Freshwater Parade.

During discussion, Cr Paul Kelly said it would be silly not to seek State Government funding and it was an indictment for council to discount Bindaring Parade and Graylands Road.

After voting against consideration of $30,000 from the 2016-17 budget to develop the 2016-21 Claremont Bike Plan, Mayor Jock Barker used his casting vote to approve the motion.

Mr Barker said he was not opposed to cycle lanes but he disagreed with some aspects of the plan.

Chief executive Stephen Goode said whatever council put forward would have to go through the budget process.

“Greater detail will come at the time of approving funding,” he said.