Councillors continue tradition of no pay

At last week’s meeting, councillors decided to continue a longstanding tradition of not receiving sitting fees or allowances for their work at the council.

‘Members either don’t take payments or have used them for some community purpose in the past,’ president Rachel Thomas said.

It was agreed that current councillors and those elected in October could opt out of the new fees and allowances awarded by the Salaries and Allowances Tribunal after a review in June.

The tribunal said the councillors could receive between $3500 and $9000 and Mrs Thomas between $3500 and $18,500 because the tiny council was in the fourth tier of the new four-tier payment schedule.

Councillors agreed to be paid $6250, Mrs Thomas would get $10,750 and all members would be entitled to $1250 for expenses.

Most Peppermint Grove councillors do not currently receive payment but they will have to again declare in writing that they do not want the money, due in September, or request it be used for a community event.

‘I need to be told or I’ll send you a cheque on a quarterly basis,’ chief executive John Merrick said.