Councils divided on fix for rat-running on Perth roads

The intersection of Cromarty Road and Empire Avenue in Floreat. Photo: Laura Pond
The intersection of Cromarty Road and Empire Avenue in Floreat. Photo: Laura Pond

NEIGHBOURING councils are butting heads over plans to address rat-running in a Churchlands estate.

The City of Stirling wants to modify an intersection in the Town of Cambridge because residents on nearby University Avenue and Alumni Terrace believe their streets are being used for non-local access between Empire Avenue and Pearson Street.

It sought feedback from Churchlands and Floreat residents on a plan to create a right turn lane from Empire on to Cromarty Road, which also connects with Pearson, but Cambridge Council objected to the proposal because it would increase traffic on its roads.

Councillor Ian Everett presented a report at the August 27 meeting that said the Churchlands Green estate was developed on the understanding there would not be a right hand turn on to Cromarty and the Town had “consistently expressed concerns” about increased traffic through Floreat prior to its approval.

“Under these circumstances it would be grossly unreasonable to transfer this City of Stirling traffic issue from the streets of Churchlands Green on to the local residents of Floreat,” it said.

“If there is a problem it is one for the City to manage with appropriate local road treatments addressing the errors and/or shortcomings now evident with the internal road layout.”

Seventy per cent of respondents to the City survey supported the right turn lane, though the majority were non-Cromarty residents in Churchlands, while Cromarty Road respondents were overwhelmingly against it.

Following feedback, the City instead recommended a roundabout at the intersection but councillors disagreed, voting at the September 10 meeting to investigate options further.

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