Councils wait on sharing options

�We�ve always said we were happy to consider shared resources if there is a benefit financially and for services,� Mrs Thomas said.

Her council would only consider sharing �back-office� services, such as IT and administration.

Councillors would consider the issue once the chief executives of Peppermint Grove, Claremont and Cottesloe had reported on their investigation, following recent meetings into what operations could be jointly provided by each council.

A Cottesloe Council resolution said it would actively seek resource sharing after mergers collapsed earlier this year.

Mayor Jo Dawkins said her council was in the process of providing financial services for Peppermint Grove and it would wait for Claremont chief executive Stephen Goode�s report on other sharing options mid-year.

�We�re looking at it in terms of �If we get a new IT system, why not all get the same system?� � Mrs Dawkins said. Other potential areas for sharing included environmental health, HR and payroll, building services, rangers, and rates payments.

�At the end of the day, it doesn�t really matter where the person to who you are paying your rates is sitting, whether they are in The Grove library or Claremont,� Mrs Dawkins said, adding that she supported funding a longer inquiry by Claremont into resources sharing but any decision on money would have to be made by her councillors.