Counterfeit cash alarm

Newsagent Dean Scott with one of the fake $50 notes.
Newsagent Dean Scott with one of the fake $50 notes.

‘We tried to bank a $50 note on Monday, and then the bank found it,’ Mr Scott said.

The bank alerted his staff to the counterfeits, which look greyer than the gold-coloured legal currency and the clear window can sometimes be lifted with a fingernail.

The following day, a man attempted to buy a $5 Lotto ticket with another fake $50 note, but was challenged by newsagency staff.

‘I then asked the guy where he’d got it and he said ‘Probably at the TAB’, before walking off,’ Mr Scott said.

Mr Scott reported the fake to the police and was told to place any more suspicious notes in plastic bags before reporting them.

Wembley Senior Sergeant Travis Walsh said there were no more reports of counterfeit notes in Subiaco last week, but users of fake currency often targeted businesses when staff were rushed.

Police had reports of a spate of fake notes in the area about six months ago, and they were also seen during the Royal Show in Claremont.

‘We ask all businesses to now be mindful of large notes being handed over and report anything unusual,’ Sgt Walsh said.