Crime spike hits Mosman Park

‘There has been an increase in crime in the Mosman Park area and local police are directing officers for a targeted response,’ Senior Sergeant Steve Dawson said.

Police say thieves are entering homes through windows and doors left open by residents during hot weather.

Sgt Dawson said this gave thieves easy access to items including watches, iPhones, cash, handbags and small electrical goods.

‘The common theme is the stuff they are targeting, things that are easily taken, and they can walk in and carry them away,’ he said.

The spree is believed to have started with burglaries at two Boundary Road homes on January 8 and 11, where mobile phones were taken.

Jewellery, watches, a mobile phone and other small electronics were among items stolen from a Winifred Road house on January 16 and 22.

Thieves stole three motor scooters from homes on Boundary Road and Winifred Road on January 17.

Another five burglaries have been reported at two Portsea Rise homes, and properties in Victoria, Solomon and Wellington streets in the past week.

Sgt Dawson said all residents could help to beat the thieves by closing or locking doors and windows, even during hot weather.

‘I’m looking for people to be vigilant, report suspicious activity and make sure all their property, inside and outside, is secure day and night,’ he said.