Crows attack drone as it flies off Cottesloe Beach

One of the crows that attacked a drone over Cottesloe Beach. Picture: Andrew Ritchie.

A DRONE has had a close encounter with a pair of aggressive crows while filming over Cottesloe Beach.

Community Newspaper Group photographer Andrew Ritchie was filming footage at the picturesque location when he noticed a pair of crows swooping in at the drone.

“I put the drone up over the beach and just as I got over the water two crows came swooping in like Spitfires,” he said.

“I thought ‘bloody hell’ but I thought if I just kept going out they would back off.

“They weren’t backing off so I turned the drone around to bring it back in and that’s when you see them swooping the drone.

Ritchie said he brought the drone back in and the crows went away – but when he tried a second time they returned to have another crack.

“I had to do a risk assessment – I thought either a crow’s going to get injured or the drone’s going to fall in the see so I thought ‘abort mission’ and brought it back in again,” he said.

“They didn’t hit it but they came in pretty close.

“It wasn’t worth risking the animal getting injured in the first place, and secondly I didn’t want to come back to the office with a soggy drone.”

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