Cuttings considered

Cuttings considered

�Just don�t let them bull-ride over you and have a say on the final product,� Servetus Street resident Sylvia Peterson said.

The State Government estimates cuttings and flyovers to eliminate stop lights will shorten Fremantle Port container truck trips by nine minutes on the mooted $2.5 billion toll route.

Most Swanbourne residents who spoke to the Western Suburbs Weekly said they now liked the 1.5km West Coast Highway cutting that cost $29.7 million in 1999, including sound-deadening bricks and 2.8m boundary walls that were installed after they lobbied Cottesloe MLA Colin Barnett, who is not expected to attend a Cottesloe PFL forum next Tuesday.

�But we�re up high and look over the cutting and it�s not that bad, but if you were further down the hill or right close to it, it would be awful,� Servetus Street resident Patrick Gillespie said.

Cottesloe residents fought against the cutting�s dual carriageway going south into their suburb through Curtin Avenue, where it now bottlenecks.

The Government has allocated $40 million to move the avenue 3.5km further south to near the port, potentially leaving Cottesloe between upgraded sections of a long-mooted coastal highway that critics fear could be built for trucks avoiding the PFL�s toll.

PFL opponent and Cottesloe councillor Sally Pyvis said while the �costly� Swanbourne cutting had improved some amenity, Curtin Avenue�s upgrade could be �cheap and cheerless� with tilt-up concrete sound barriers.

The route is used by 1121 trucks daily and could increase to 3363 2030.

Curtin University transport researcher Cole Hendrigan said by using �basic engineering� he estimated the PFL would be 20m-30m deep through Royal Fremantle Golf Course in East Fremantle.

�This may seem alarmist, but without some sort of public disclosure we are left to guess how they will engineer their trench in a complex urban and topographical setting,� Mr Hendrigan said.

Main Roads WA did not respond to requests for comment before deadline.

The PFL Forum will be held at the Cottesloe Civic Centre on September 1 from 5.30pm.