Delivering new options to mums

My Midwives is a private West-Perth based midwifery practice, the first in WA to offer care from midwives to women from early in their pregnancy to six weeks after they have had their baby.

Samantha Owen chose My Midwives during her second pregnancy with Alys, now six weeks old, after having her first child in the UK under a similar model.

�The UK has a different model to birthing in Australia; I had a water birth in hospital with the midwife who I had seen fortnightly throughout my pregnancy, and that had been very easy and straight forward and I wanted the same thing here,� Mrs Owen said.

�I think that was the other reason my husband and I choose My Midwives; we felt the thing that made the first birth successful wasn�t that we�d had a water birth but it was facilitated by someone we�d know and trusted.�

My Midwives director Tamzin Mondy said Australia had traditionally been obstetrically dominated and she wanted to make people aware of all the birthing options available.

�All the clinical outcomes for woman are much better with continuity of care with a midwife,� she said.

�Its been very clearly demonstrated to provide much better outcomes for women and babies.�

General practitioner Joe Kosterich said the continuity of care model should be considered but recognised some issues with home births.

�Midwives are already involved in the obstetric process and there is not always a need for an obstetrician to be involved,� Dr Kosterich said.

�Home birth is a separate issue all together; if there is a breech or bleed every second is critical.

�There needs to be an agreement in advance that an obstetrician can be bought in if need be.�