Desire to run still burns for Burns

‘Back in 1988 I kept complaining about rates increases to one of the councillors, until one day he made a point to come over to my house, handed me the nomination forms and said: ‘You’ve got to run’,’ Mr Burns said.

‘I doorknocked 3000 homes on weekends and even had a giant red suggestion box, at least 15 foot high, delivered to council offices.

‘A fair bit has changed in 25 years, but I’d say my motivations to run are the same. I want what’s best for Subiaco, it’s my home.’

The industrial property developer said he was concerned with the devastating effect of seeing so many empty shops lining the main streets.

‘I returned from living in America about five years ago and it was pretty clear that the nature of Subiaco has changed.

‘What worries me is that these empty streets seem to have become the norm.’