Dogs to get more space at Lake Claremont

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DOGS will not be fenced in and will have more space to roam at Lake Claremont parklands after a decision at Claremont Council last night.

“But dogs running around in an area where picnicking people are eating on the ground is going to cause a problem eventually,” Friends of Lake Claremont co-ordinator Nick Cook told councillors.

It was proposed to allow off-lead dogs south to Elliot Road in the north-east corner of the parklands, with the border marked by new trees, excluding the animals from Parry Street Reserve and prohibit the pets from Claremont Golf Course on the parklands.

A staff report said of 23 public submissions about the extension, 19 were in favour which.

The report said it was already used by dog owners and under-used by others.

To answer questions of demand, the council conducted a two-week survey of the area that found peak dog walking times were 9am to 9.30am, when up to 22 dogs were on the current area, and up to 29 dogs between 5pm and 5.30pm.

Mr Cook said the council risked dogs running into its new adventure playground if the off-lead area was extended.

He also said fencing was needed to stop dogs running onto adjacent arterial roads and a fenced park in Carrington Street showed dog owners preferred the barriers.

However, the report said that even though the dogs would be in an official exercise area, their owners must continue to keep their pets under control at all times.

Crs Bruce Haynes and Peter Edwards failed in their attempts for the council to amend its resolution so money was spent building more fences which would keep the dogs in and protect wildlife and vegetation.

“A fence going out to the golf fairways would be grossly unsightly and resemble a farmyard or stock paddock,” Cr Peter Browne said.

It was agreed to extend the dog area and allocate $20,000 for plants and vegetation for its new boundary.