Doing block on Indiana toilets

‘An utterly confronting level of squalor was encountered, including two toilets blocked to the brim,’ resident and toilet inspector Rosalin Sadler said.

Resident Chris Wiggins said the flushing mechanisms were not activated long enough but plumbing could be fixed because the pipes were exposed in the boat shed underneath the toilets.

Residents supported a motion asking the council to reconsider taking over toilet cleaning from the restaurant and building new facilities near the beach as part of its Foreshore Plan.

Mayor Jo Dawkins said long-flush mechanisms were now being considered by Indiana Restaurant management.

No plan had been approved for a new toilet block and the council would consider the residents’ proposal this month.

Another motion calling on the council to pull out of merger talks was passed 16-3 votes

‘There’s still no evidence of the benefits of mergers,’ former councillor Sally Pyvis said.

She said residents’ desire for change had not been fully measured in a survey last year.

The survey found 48 per cent of respondents backed a G4 council with Cottesloe’s three immediate neighbouring local governments, and another 10 per cent approved either a G4 with Swanbourne, or Swanbourne and part of Nedlands.

The residents wanted a new survey specifically asking about merger support.

Chief executive Carl Askew said there could still be a vote on a merger if the State Government did not change the Local Government Act’s poll provisions.

Stopping talks with the Government would threaten a pending meeting with the Local Government Advisory Board, which wants public and council submissions on currently proposed borders before March 13.