Drive for golf course depot gets short shrift from Cottesloe mayor

Cottesloe Mayor Phil Angers
Cottesloe Mayor Phil Angers

COTTESLOE Mayor Phil Angers says it is difficult to put a new depot on the Sea View Golf Course even if the public opposes business plans to share Mosman Park Council’s works compound.

A proposed joint facility was agreed at the towns’ meetings last night.

“If the business plan is voted down I guess we’d be looking for an alternative site, but it would be very difficult given both Houses of Parliament would need to approve a move to the golf course,” Mr Angers said.

Parliament’s nod would be needed because the golf course is on an A-Class reserve.

On Tuesday, a public petition of about 500 signatures asked Cottesloe not to send its trucks, mowers, rangers and gardeners to the site on McCabe Street in Mosman Park.

Petitioners instead want to put a depot on the golf course to protect the reserve from feared development and save money.

The shared depot business plans now out for comment for six weeks could end a saga lasting more than 15 years to replace Cottesloe’s former Nailsworth Street site.

It was sold for $9.1 million in 2014, leaving that council renting a Fremantle site for about $1m over five years.

Mr Angers said any community opposition to sharing a depot would have to be considered after the comment period, and then sent to councillors.

In the business plans, Mosman Park would get an annual rent of $88,976 from Cottesloe during the 21-year, $1.74m lease, at the start of which Cottesloe would pay for improving the joint site for its equipment and staff.

Mosman Park Mayor Brett Pollock said his council would not be concerned by any move to put the depot on the golf course because it was Cottesloe’s decision.

He said he had been assured that council was still keen to share a depot, and had noted the number of Cottesloe councillors who had voted for the joint facility.

The comments are planned to be considered by both councils in December.