Enjoy a world of opportunity

In her first year as WA pageant co-ordinator and event manager, Ms Hegney Hall said she was looking forward to meeting the amazing local women competing for the Miss World crown.

�We have always had very strong contenders from WA,� she said.

�There is just something about Australian girls; they are very natural, fresh, confident and approachable.

�The most important thing about Miss World is that it is not just about the visual of the girl, it is all her many different qualities.

�In fact, this year they have removed the swimwear category for a focus on health and fitness.

�That is a very powerful and current move.�

Ms Hegney Hall said it was amazing to see the women grow and transform throughout the competition.

�When my daughter Rahdee first joined, she was so quiet, but she absolutely blossomed,� Ms Hegney Hall said.

�We try to expose the girls to as many different things and introduce them to a myriad of different people.

�What is wonderful is they actually become and remain very tight friends.�

Miss World Australia has many events planned for 2015, with local business partners and charity Variety WA.